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"Through the canvas of his tweets, we glimpse Donald Trump, the artist, whose bold strokes and vibrant colors reveal the contours of the man."  - Dr. Ravi Singh

Donald Trump, a maestro of the social media canvas, orchestrated his rise with Twitter from May 2009, crafting his narrative with the bold strokes of 'modern day presidential' tweets. This book presents my PhD research, weaving through over 200+ articles that map his dramatic rise and subsequent fall from the platform—culminating in his 2021 expulsion as President and foreshadowing a predicted resurgence with a vengeance on the platform now known as X."

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Dr. Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh is a renowned American Sikh, celebrated as an internet pioneer and a visionary in data science and social media. Known as the "Campaign Guru," he has advised over nine Heads of State and impacted over twenty-one countries with his digital strategies. As a former CEO and international patent holder, Dr. Singh's expertise is vast. His academic achievements include a pioneering Ph.D. in social media and technology, a Master of Arts in Political Science, and a Master of Science in Social Media Communication, along with an honorary business degree from MIT. Today, his insights guide top corporations and personalities in navigating the complex world of digital strategy.

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✓ Twitter's Influence
✓ Controversies Surrounding Twitter
✓ Trump's Resilience
✓ Trump's Flamboyant Presence

What’s inside the book

Embark on a Scholarly Odyssey:

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Uncover Hidden Truths: Journey with us as we delve into the enigma of Donald Trump's social media influence, guided by the wisdom of Albert Szent-Györgyi: "To research is to journey through what is known and to emerge with thoughts unthought."
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Witness a Digital Silence: Relive the moment when the world stood divided as Trump's Twitter was silenced, sparking a global debate on free speech versus misinformation.
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Experience the Musk Effect: Explore the seismic shift in the social media landscape following Elon Musk's Twitter takeover and the potential reversal of Trump's ban.
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Join the 2024 Digital Campaign Trail: Fast-forward to Trump's new digital stronghold, Truth Social, as he gears up for the 2024 presidential race with unprecedented user engagement.
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Dive into a PhD’s Quest:  Follow the author's academic pursuit, earning a PhD specializing in social media and technology, dissecting over 200 articles to bring you a comprehensive narrative.
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Discover Dr. Singh’s Socialmedia-ism:  Engage with a narrative that goes beyond a chronicle of tweets; it's an exploration of the evolving platform policies and the collective digital voice.
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Navigate the Collision Course: From the 2016 election to today, witness the collision of social media, politics, and technology that's reshaping our world.
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In "The Art of Trump's Tweets: A Literary Analysis of His Rise and Fall on Twitter," Dr. Ravi Singh embarks on a scholarly journey through the tumultuous digital landscape shaped by Donald Trump's Twitter presence. This book is a profound exploration of how Trump's tweets, often controversial and always captivating, played a pivotal role in his political ascent and subsequent descent.

Dr. Singh meticulously dissects the linguistic nuances and strategic use of rhetoric in Trump's tweets, revealing how they resonated with millions, swayed public opinion, and even influenced global policy. The book delves into the psychological impact of Trump's words, examining how his unique style of communication forged a new paradigm in political discourse.

Through a blend of data science and literary critique, Dr. Singh presents an enlightening narrative that chronicles the power of social media in politics. The book is not just an academic treatise but a compelling story of a man who harnessed the art of 280 characters to an unprecedented degree, for better or worse.

"The Art of Trump's Tweets" is an essential read for anyone seeking to understand the intersection of technology, politics, and language in the modern era. It's a testament to the enduring influence of social media on the fabric of society and a reminder of the potent force of well-crafted words in the digital age.

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“Step into the arena of digital power!”

- Hugh Brennan, MBA, retired Lt. Colonel (US Air Force)

"Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary with 'The Art of Trump's Tweet.'

- Pastor Dr. Kimaz

“This isn't just a book; it's a portal to understanding the seismic shifts in our digital and political landscape.“

- Brian Goodger

”Witness the power of a single tweet to divide or unite, to create silence or spark debate. With Dr. Singh's expert analysis, forged through a rigorous PhD journey, you'll navigate the intricate web of social media influence and its impact on global politics. This scholarly odyssey promises to enlighten, challenge, and inspire.“

- Harold Krent, Law Professor

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Corporate Executive

Ravi understanding Social Media and it's ability to influence is truly exceptional. As a classmate at MIT he consistently shared insights making my learning experience meaningful.

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Brittany White

City Year Student

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ravi for the past year… Ravi worked hard to ensure this year’s Corps would gain insight and experience with social media...

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Dahlin image

Dahlin Jackson

Medical Student

Only a handful of people get to meet someone so renowned as Ravi and to be taught by him is truly a treasure. I learned a lot during my sessions...

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Ashok image

Ashok Jhawar

Former British Petroleum President

I have known Ravi Singh for the past 20+ years...I have found him to be a bright, hard-working, and upright person. Ravi’s dedication to his family, friends and faith are exemplary.

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Bill Image

Bill Aulet

MIT Professor

I had Ravi as a student for a course I taught at MIT and I was so impressed by not just his intellect and work ethic but also his empathy and wonderful humanity. He was beloved by all, the other students and all the faculty and he also finished second in a competition we had for the best business plan -- showing he can "get stuff done too". Love him.

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Flavio Calonge

 Microsoft Industry Director LATAM

I saw Ravi in action and is full of energy and passion during his presentations. He was always open and forward thinking...

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Ravi has helped over 9 World Leaders with their Digital Campaigns for public office.

Ravi wrote his dissertation on a quantitative study of Donald Trumps 35,647 Tweets.

Ravi finished his doctoral degree in less than 3 years.

Ravi was the first Sikh American to be accepted to a USA military Academy and was the first to run for public office with a turban in the Illinois State Legislative.

Ravi was the first Asian American Student Body President and NCAA Division Golf Captain at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

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